Currently we have 2 books in print with several new projects in the pipeline:

The Exchange Manifesto

NB The new edition of The Exchange Manifesto is due for publication in early 2012.

“The Exchange Manifesto” is a simple 100ish page book devoted to understanding what exchanges are and why they work. Produced originally to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the AFM, an emerging markets group for futures & options exchanges, the book is a simple guide to promote the business of exchanges.


The Gathering Storm

 In 2010, we were delighted to work with Editors Lee Robinson (of Altana Wealth) and Patrick L Young to create a unique anthology of essays about the future prospects for markets in the wake of a challenging process at the end of the last decade.

All proceeds to the The Gathering Storm go to charity and you can buy it direct from us here.



Other DV Books:

Under our original erivatives imprint, we published:

An Intangible Commodity 

 A book we produced for the Swiss Futures & Options Association 25th anniversary celebrations (in 2001). A splendid anthology of articles devoted to all aspects of the development of derivatives as viewed through the prism of the Burgenstock conference which was once the most notable such event in the European markets, before the closure of the Burgenstock resort.

We do have some copies of this book still in stock. Please email us if you would like to buy a copy.


ThePromiscuous Investor

Originally a management report by Patrick L Young about market prospects in 2002, this may be re-released in a new book version during 2012.